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Default Im a newb and have way to many questions in the confusing world of motorize bikes.

Disclaimer there may be a couple cuss words within my post, anything can be bleeped out I am willing to edit upon request to change those few words.

I want this thread to be as positive as possible to anyone who enters or comments.

I have some technical knowledge and am good at assembly things, I just need instructions and tools and I can accomplish any task with those.

I also made this post to ask review questions to make sure I did research right.

Okay I will try to best provide information for all of my questions to make your answering easier

The questions will be numbered and asked in as much detail as possible.

1. I am new to the "motor slapped bicycle" world and what got me interested was my dads co-workers build. My main question from research I have done is the most confusing ever.

What are the legality currently with these motor equipped bicycles I mainly would commute across 2 states while not often this would be great help to know.

The states I travel are Michigan and Illinois so what do I need to be aware of and print out for reference and handout?

2. From a short search I see that the states Michigan and Illinois both require 49cc engines...But I have heard of unmarked Chinese larger engines. I would have no problem pleading ignorance and stamping 49cc onto a block that without precise measuring interments are indistinguishable.

Where can I get one And a convincing stamp/sticker. I will abide by laws and regulations and drive safe as possible.

The reason I ask is I am converting a daily commute bike and I'm 375 pounds and carry on average 75 pounds of stuff to work so a stronger engine = pushing my fat ass easier without me entering work covered in sweat...

3.This one pertains to my bike. I have a fairly new Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike(I'm a winter bicyclist ) I would love to slap this in the face with a motor for what little winter is left and the upcoming spring and summer.

Is there any suggestion or examples of mounting and equipping this bike with a motor yet? I found little to no results with this specific bike.

4.This spring I am going up to Michigan (I do plan on pedaling to my destination even without a motor.) and will need to make a trailer for my bike that is 4-5ft wide 7-8 ft long 2-3ft tall to carry a ton of costumes and props for an anime convention.

Should I be worried about an incompatibility with a motorized mongoose dolomite, or this trailer being torn to shreds/getting me pulled over. And should I be worried of any laws or regulations preventing the use of a trailer this size on a bike motorized or not.

5. I know that all motorized vehicles have varying sized in fuel storage containers. What is the largest and easiest to mount to a bike like the mongoose dolomite with the least awkward feeling? I know of 1L and 5L tanks but I kinda wanna be extreme :P .

6.This ties into number 5.. What is the gas mixtures I need like.. What gas, what oil(if any) how much gas and oil. ratios and all that jaZz.

7. I do not have a licence, never needed one, never got one, opted for a state id instead.

Will I need to pass a Drivers test and take the leap to an operators licence?

I am 20 never been convicted or anything, I just saw weakness in motor vehicles and a opportunity to keep my body in check despite my impossibility to loose weight to a normal healthy level.

8. If anyone has links to video and instructions of a high quality I would love to have them.

9. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and would need to store my bike indoors, in my living room. should I be concerned.. my bikes are next to my patio window, and with free central heat of deathly proportions my windows are usually cracked at all times no matter the thermostat settings. (pretty much the building is set to 95 and my thermostat to 50 yet its still 100 in here xD not anything terrible. )

10. any special tool concerns, and how likely will this be loud during assembly ?

The main assembly will be done in my apartment over a small plastic tub lined with a plastic sheet, I use this when doing maintenance on my bike, keeps it clean and has a built in mount. so any messes should be fine, as I am equipped for leaks during assembly.

I ask this because I live in a pretty police covered area just waiting to write citations for anything... so an "disturbing building process that is upsetting neighbors and passerby's" is easy pickings in a parking lot, I learnt that when assembling my first bike in my apartments parking lot. thus now this indoor stuff. they nabbed me with a fine in under the 20 min it took me to build the bike. People of this area might know the feeling about the insane excuses for traffic violation tickets in Illinois.

There will be no gas fumes of any kind poured inside my apartment, i'm just concerned about putting it together after that is easy going testing, fixes and repairs are no harm outside in the eyes of the law enforcement here.

11. Is it possible that there are automatic transmissions I could apply to this to bypass the registration of bikes with motors and manual transmissions. If i even need a transmission.

I pay a pretty penny to live in the safe area that I live in, so a vehicle registration with insurance would make it more difficult than already to keep up the rent with a low pay job.

12. Can somebody point me in the right direction for buying the right parts?

Again, My bike

To answer any of your questions that arise from mine.

Yes I have commuted from mid Illinois state to mid west Michigan, on pedal, and do it a couple times a year, other trips I catch a ride from family to not waste a couple days getting somewhere a few non fatigue hours away.

I have residency in Michigan but work out of Illinois, I have to maintain residency in Michigan to continue School, but I wok in Illinois because Jobs are actually available here all while being close to some family.

I am looking into both electric and gas motor bikes,while electric is waaaaaaaay easier to mask but the range sucks so I need the range of the gas to get me to places I need to be. Driving slower than I can go is understood to keep under the radar 20mph top according to the laws I have read, I hope with a modded throttle I can keep my bike within legal range where needed, in some occasions I will need more power and will adjust based on some calculations and experiments.

Yes I am a heavy mofo, and I know my weight may be pretty unappealing to some of you, and you may want to say "stick to the pedals fat ass" and I am going to say this "I have stuck to the pedals, high gears, pushing my limits, breaking bikes all in an attempt to loose weight since I was 14, If I could loose the weight I would and I defiantly want to, but some people are fat and they don't eat truckloads of mc donalds and could possibly eat 110% better and healthier than you but still be where the started all while doing exercises you couldn't probably finish. I do not say this to offend people who read my questions and didn't think this, but I say this to the people I do anticipate saying things that are offensive to me being over weight. I understand my weight isn't healthy but from years of constant dieting and doctors diagnosed me with a severe thyroid disorder, and what I currently do only keeps the weight flat-lined, and is unlikely that I will ever be under 350 pounds with any plan, medication or routine." I will just be using the motor to pedal easy on work days or long commute days I don't want to set up a camp site just to get to my destination.

Please don't be enraged of my being forward then refuse to help I could use it an will appreciate any help provided. This thread could help somebody later on in the future.

I want this thread to be as positive as possible to anyone who enters or comments.

Again any revisions will be made to this post by me upon request.

Thank you
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