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Default Re: Another new guy and 1st build on GT2 frame

Originally Posted by HDCowboy View Post
I guess the difference is gonna be the length in the rockers judging from his two adds on Ebay..........

Got the set I originally received in the mail to him today and hopefully I'll be getting the correct set soon. Went over the wiring today and found a loose butt splice, totally rewired everything and used solder joints this time around. 1st time I let out the clutch she cranked right up and I rode her around the block as that all I had time for as it was getting dark and I still had a little tweaking I wanted to do. She ran good as far as I could tell, was expecting a bit more power but beings these aint but little 3hp motors I dont guess I'm going to get as much as I'm used too!! LOL! She did feel good though and at least I didnt wipe out like last time! LOL!
it takes a few miles and about two to three tanks run through some of these engines to get them loosened up a bit.

the stock exhaust hurt the overall performance a little, but if you port match the header to the head as best you an and drill a couple extra 3/8" holes in the end cap it helps .

I have my newest GT5 engine build singing right along nicely at 40-42mph running a slightly modified stock pipe like you have on your bike.

Glad to hear she busted right off nice for you, thats always a great feeling.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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