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Default Re: Bike RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the old carb had a missing or blown gasket somewhere... I can't wait to find out so I'll know when it happens to me.

Gee whiz pablo when mine finally fired up, and I rode it around the block, I like to have broke my arm patting myself on the back. Of course I also said thank you to norman about a hundred times.

If anyone has to put in rings, Norman told me the secret and guys listen to it. I broke two because I couldn't get an answer from a bunch of guys who knew. If you need to do that kind of thing ASK here. People here will help you. They won't send you off to read a hundred thousand words they will just help you. And send you right to the information. If its already here.

This place is friendly, helpful and organized so for gods sake ask don't guess.
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