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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Hey Map after looking at that link they call the tall pin piston the "a" type, the other site I found calls the high pin piston a type "b". So to control confusion when ordering a piston a person should measure the pin height and go by that instead of the type each vendor calls them.
the vendor I posted the link to, is the only one I have found that has the type listed wrong, I've been meaning to contact the fella and let him know he has his piston oz and top end set labeled wrong but just haven't got it done.

But yeah measuring is always a good thing if you cant tell by just looking, I have ordered several pistons and other parts from this guy and if you order type B stuff from him you'll get parts for a 40mm stroke engine and if you order Type A parts you'll get GT5 or Current type Flying Horse 38mm stroke engine parts.

One other vendor that I know of besides this fella in Florida and bikeberry actually say what geometry engine their parts are for.

The Chinese sellers don't have a clue for the most part, and they just say 66/80cc OT 49/50cc to distinguish the parts, I have bought enough stuff that I know basically who has what type parts, but there are a pile of them selling stuff and its not easy to tell most times unless they sell single pistons.

I have found that when they sell single pistons you can go by what kind of piston they sell to have a really good idea what type engine is in the kit they sell, I always look to see if the single piston is a high pin GT5 type or a low pin pk80 type, if its a low pin type I know one of two things about their engines, either they're 40mm stroke or they're Half Breed 38mm stroke which use the same low pin piston.

But they don't list their engines right many times, the Half Breed I bought out of Hong Kong was listed as being a 47mm bore and 40mm stroke and when I got it the first thing I did was pull the jug to find it has the ZAE50 rod which makes it a 38mm stroke Half Breed engine and the piston like 1/16" or .062 from being even with jug deck when its at TDC.

some of them are for sure a crap shoot.
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