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Default Cargo trailer build

I thought it would be grate to have a small cargo trailer .
I started to look in to converting a child trailer.
Didn't like the design . Plastic parts .
I finally decided to just build one.
It needed to be fairly light but able to carry all of my back packing gear and fuel for 2 bikes . I figured about 100 lbs including the weight of the trailer .
I opted for a 20" x 30" basket using 1" thin wall galvanized torsional tubing.

Then used 1/4" braided rope to finish off the floor and sides of the box.
I learned a valuable lesson on this project. I am not a basket weaving kind of guy.......

I then fabricated the tongue from the same tubing.
I used a 1/2" universal joint and a male and female air fitting for the hitch


Saw this hitch method on U Tube . Works great.
Rather than using bicycle wheels and tires I opted for something a bit more durable . I may change that soon. A 12" or may be a 20 " will have less rolling resistance.
We will see .

The trailer ended up right at 25 lbs dry.
Tows really well .
Happy Trails......
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