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Default Re: Curious about the engine, :question:

Originally Posted by CarpsCustoms View Post

Slanted teeth on the smaller drive gear means GT-5 type motor correct?

I edited to also ask about my piston, How can i tell if its a type A or type B?? I opened the intake skirt about 4mm and im planning on making a 2mm window on the exhaust side

& chamfering the dome ( 4-leaf clover like pattern )
all of my engines pk80 and GT5 and the one Half Breed I have, have got theangled teeth on the crankshaft clutch side gear.

Here is a link to the cylinder you need, I know it has a new piston, pin, Rings and gaskets but its a whale of a good deal and this fella ships quick and you get what you order.

Based on the rod yousay your engine has and basex on the piston you listed pic of, there is no doubt that you have a GT5 geometry engine(high pin piston, 114mm rod overall 38mm stroke)
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