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Default Anyone Riding To Work Rain Or Shine?

Anyone Riding To Work...Rain Or Shine?


My new year's resolution is to give up my $81 monthly covered parking stall and sublet my other $47 monthly stall. Then I plan to motorbike to work, rain or shine.

Driving in is an option on the one or two days that I have school after work. Otherwise I'd like to bike in the 12-mile roundtrip.

My old phone company-issued rain suit that I used to work in rain-soaked weather is in good shape. A spare raincoat will be carried on the bike.

Two motorized bikes will be for alternating use. One is "The Iron Dragon", a 7-speed cruiser with twin Mitsubishi engines, front friction and rear chain drive assemblies. The backup will be my Whizzer bike. On wet roads chain drive rules while my friction drive is disengaged. Unsure how Whizzer belt drive works in the rain.

Is anyone else besides the billions of Chinese bicyclists committed to ride in good AND bad weather?
Honey, it's just a bicycle. and i REALLY need it to excercise, and to ride it to work.(hehe)
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