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Default Re: hey guys, im new here,micargi falcon gts, 2 stroke 66cc, lookin for tips!

Originally Posted by virtuoso View Post
KC, you are awesome bro..
Im a crazy zonie too bruh, i miss it...
Hola fellow desert dweller, and I'll bet your missing it right now, Phoenix is the sweet spot in the whole US right now.

a few questions... is it okay to put two fuel filters on it?

I took off the stock air filter on the NT carburetor and I put on a air filter that I found from autozone its a breather filter for like a Chevy but I went ahead and put it on there mounted it nice and then I taped up the gaps with duct tape to make sure no there's no air leak is that okay?
So long as gravity pulls enough fuel to the carb so it don't run short of fuel flow at sustained WOT you can put in all the filters you want.
The same for air.

The more filtering you can get the better until you reach the point of not enough flow.
Also note filters get dirty, it's there job, they catch all the stuff you don't want in your engine, you need to clean them regularly.

By the way i dont have a torque wrench, should i ride It to autozone and borrow one and do it right there while its warm...
Great idea!
I didn't own a torque wrench either until after like my 5th build, I relied on 'feel' and though I do have pretty good feel it's just not dead on right.

Also KC... The weather here in dayton, oh is funny it snow now rain next week... How should i store it against the elements... I live in a apartment... So i cant just bring it in.. Is it resilient...'
Look up 'locking motorcycle covers', I haven't but that makes sense and I have seen them in use as shade here hehehe ;-}

I simply can't speak to cold weather affects on MB's, never had to, but it'll be a ***** to start and you want to keep the heat in the engine so go with a lower number heat index on the NGK plugs, like a 6 or maybe a 5, that will warm you engine up quicker and give you a little leg warmer if you tuck your legs in ;-}
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