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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

After working on the Green bike, I rolled the old Huffy Karaoke bake into shop for some needed maintenance, noticed rear wheel bearing need adjusted and its sorts a mess, needs some TLC been on these rough dusty dirt roads a lot since I built it up goingon 5 years ago now, it has around 800 miles on it now and has never had a single mechanical issue with the bike itself, the engine is a big front mount engine from BGF that runs good but needs a good cleaning, Im thinking I may strip this one down and thoroughly clean it up and put it up for sale, gonna make up a strong layback seat post for it since those Huffy frames are so short coupled, who knows, it may get a new engine while Im at it since the old BGF engine is a jack hammer above 32mph and only comfortable to ride at speeds below what I like to cruise at on my multi mile road trips, tires are showing so weather cracking also, so they'll get replaced and the bike will get some new shoes.

Planning a couple other changes for the old Huffy also, time will tell what I manage to get done with the junk I have laying around.
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