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Wink Re: hey guys, im new here,micargi falcon gts, 2 stroke 66cc, lookin for tips!

KC, you are awesome bro..Im a crazy zonie too bruh, i miss it... Im stuck out in thi****ty weather, a few questions... is it okay to put two fuel filters on it, also I took off the stock air filter on the NT carburetor and I put on a air filter that I found from autozone its a breather filter for like a Chevy but I went ahead and put it on there mounted it nice and then I taped up the gaps with duct tape to make sure no there's no air leak is that okay?I mean it works great, I mean I have no issues now I was having a little bit of a rich issue but now it seems to be running really nice it idles nice I got everything set up great... thank you so much for your tips bro they were awesome... By the way i dont have a torque wrench, should i ride It to autozone and borrow one and do it right there while its warm... Also KC... The weather here in dayton, oh is funny it snow now rain next week... How should i store it against the elements... I live in a apartment... So i cant just bring it in.. Is it resilient...'
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