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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Sounds like you handled your encounter with the law the right way and told him the right answers etc... I dunno what the laws are like where you're at, but over here we can ride them without too many restrictions... The few times I've seen a cop when I was riding they either just smiled and waved or gave me a thumbs up, which was really cool.
I've only talked face to face to 2 others who have these and they both said they get about the same response, usually they just wave or act like you're just another bicycle.

For me, again, way too busy to do anything with my bike today and the guy who dropped his off for me to fix came by the shop to give me the rest of his parts stash to see if it'll help get his back on the road. The other engine he has is another 49cc but the jug is severely scratched up inside and so is the side of the piston like something broke off and got trapped between the jug and piston so I won't be using anything off that engine, but it might have a better mag coil and the exhaust pipe is in a LOT better shape so I'll modify it by opening it up and drilling more holes thru the end cap, or I might just cut out a bigger hole and weld in a fresh outlet that's twice as big as stock, just to keep it stock looking.
I'm probably gonna need to put a new CDI on it but I'll test his first, and I got one of those Rocket cdi's stashed away somewhere too, I may just put it in something better looking than an old pill bottle and use it on his.
I mainly want his to run really good when I give it back to him but I may buy another KTM pipe and make him one similar to mine since he keeps telling me how much he likes mine... either way, it'll be nice when I give it back for sure.
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