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Default Re: Build complete.

Congratulations, Max. It's a good feeling when these little engines finally fire off and pull you along under their own power
Just a question. You said you're using "the recommended fuel to oil ratio". What does that mean? If you are going by what the kit instructions tell you and using a 16:1 mix I think you'll find the engine will perform better for you if you go down to at least 24:1 or better yet, 32:1.

The engine will run better, smoother and produce more power the more miles you accrue. We generally suggest 200 to 300 miles before you can expect the best output. I also agree with Map. Your stock, NT carb is as good as you can expect for a stock or even mildly modified engine. Tune it right and it will provide you with everything your engine can give with little to no problems. They are easily tuned and maintained.

Have fun and ride safe.

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