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Originally Posted by MadMaxed View Post
I got my engine from a chinese company called Amonstar. it only runs rough at low rpms/take off. after that runs pretty well and idles well too. The carb.... is a piece of work all together. i dont like it but, it will do for now. Until i get it fully broken in, i know that it does run and starts up first try with ease. I tried to pedal with out engaging the clutch and there was somed drag. Wouldnt want to get stuck to far away thats for sure. but i will take tools just in case. It has a lot of potential cant wait to break it in and release the inner beauty.
Good deal, if you have the NT carb which is the most common, I an tell you that its an excellent carb for these engines when its jetted right for you set up and mix you're running they're pretty m7ch bullet proof and I've seen 48mph on one of my bikes running the little NT carb.

Not saying its the best there is available of course, but its the easiest to tune and it give virtually no problems once its set up correctly.

Best wishes 9n the build and I hope it keep sgetting better and better as you get it run in good.
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