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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

(for the record this happened yesterday)
I went out for a ride and had my first run in with the law!
he gave me the ol' whoop whoop so I pulled over.
"what've you got goin' on here?" he asks.
"A moped sir" I say.
after walking halfway around the bike looking it over "hm, a moped, so it is"
then after looking at the front end for a seconds he adds "is this a, er, an, umm... it's a chopper then?"
"oh ho, yeah" I reply.

overall I think he just wanted to double check what drove past him, he had a few more questions about it which I was happy to answer (China, Schwinn, around 2 maybe 3 HP)
he seemed oddly satisfied with my answer of "I do not know" when he asked how fast it was (told him about how the rear sprocket can affect that, showed him my 48 tooth and said that some people get them doing 40 with a thirty tooth)
he took a good look at my entrenching tool, I told him it's the coolest looking counterweight I could find. (I think he mostly just wanted to check if it was safely stowed/ was not meant for self-defense)

he told me it needs lights if I wanna take it on the main roads, and to wear my helmet (I have one but it won't fit over my hat so while it's so damn cold I've been going without [I know, I'm stupid])
I let him know that I plan to try and get my exhaust quieter, he said that was a good idea. I let him know I live near where he pulled me over (gave the vague general direction)

as he let me go he said to be careful driving it with snow on the ground, he seemed slightly incredulous about needing to say it. and told me to keep the pedals on it so it stays legal, I thanked him and let him know the bike wouldn't work without the pedals.

all-in-all I am really happy the local PD are not mad at me.
in conclusion: politeness goes a long way with the police.
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