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Originally Posted by MadMaxed View Post
So my Motorized bike is now complete. She started right up and man it was awesome. Rode around the block a few times. and then i let it idle for a little bit. I do have a few question. Is the engine supposed to run a little rough during the break in period? and it seems to have a lot of vibration. Im not going into oil mixture but i used a recommended one. and it seems to like it. A little smokey tho.
many of these engine tend to smooth up some after two or three tanks of gas run through them.

where did you get your engine?

The reason I ask is that there are some that are known to be better balanced than others, I have a couple that have horrible vibes because of a badly unbalanced crank, but I have others that are ncomforta ly balanced from low down all the way to max rpm.

Just be aware that even the well balanced ones will still have some vibes, a single cylinder 2 smoker cant be perfectly balanced to be smooth at all rpms, but some of the newer china girl engines are way better balan ed than swhat we got a couple years ago.

Did you rejet the carb?

a of them I have had co.e with a jet thats to big and that causes the engine to 4 stroke which also makes them run rougher.
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