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Default Re: Tools. What is absolutely necessary?

You can get an ebike slaped together with the most basic stuff, much less I would imagine than instalation of a china girl on a frame.

Remove rear or front wheel. replace with hub motor.
Secure batteries,(guess that one is a bit hary depending on what kind of batteries you end up with) and zip tie wires to frame.
Id say adjustable wrench or two, and you could get away with zip tying the rest,
I did use a drill to mount the controller to the frame of my bike
so: adjustable wrench for bolts, and some channel locks for anything the wrench isint big enoufgh for.
screwdrivers for tire instalation
Probably an allen wrench as well for the handlebars depending on the type

I presume they are going to be assembling a partially assembled bicycle and not starting from like a stripped frame or something? :S ive got no idea about how to deal with Crank instalation or dissasembly.
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