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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Didn't do anyting to mine today, but showing it off at the shop has got me a new customer... not to fix his cars, but to fix his bike The guy who visited the shop the other day came back today and dropped off his bike for me to get running. I hadn't tried to start it yet, but he was telling me it has no fire. I got a spare mag coil over here but his CDI is also cracked, and it looks like somebody took a sledge hammer to his exhaust pipe. The engine is a 49cc of unknown origin and it's totally stock from what I saw. It does look like it's been stored outside and could have been rained on so I'm going to have to educate him a little on keeping certain areas dry, but I'll also seal up the new mag coil really well too... Now let's just hope the cylinder and piston are still in good shape...
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