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Default Re: Tools. What is absolutely necessary?

Tough question.
I have a fairly complete set of Park bicycle specific tools.
I also have a full machine / fabrication shop.
I don't own a tool that I wouldn't deem necessary.
Do I recommend investing that kind of money just to maintain a bike , NO.
But they are sure handy.

A small hobbyist Bicycle tool kit would be a good start.
You will get the basics in such a kit . IE: chain whip / pullers / crank tools / ETC.
Just an example of sed tool kit NOT A RECOMMENDATION.

There are better and more complete kits out there for the same $$$$

A metric 1/4" drive socket set.
Set of pliers.
Metric Allen's.
Metric wrench set.
Cheap caliper set.
Work stand.
Chain split-er.
Screw driver set.
Bench vice.
Bench grinder.
Hand impact
Brass hammer.
Small set of punches.
A Dremel is always handy.
As is a good tire pump.
And the all important wire ties.............

The good news is other than the Bicycle starter set these tools can and will serve you for other tasks.
Happy Trails......

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