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Default Re: Purchases you regret

Originally Posted by allen standley View Post
Yes I have bought things that were not best for the application or not needed at all. Threadless steering tubes are my downfall Not really complex at all I just can't seem to get the mm correct. Spacers and all that bike stuff I seem to always over buy. I finally picked up a sliding metric measure. I can't go wrong now.
It is the purchases that never arrive. It's usually the key component in a build that holds all else up til that piece is in place. You put all your trust into a vendor that really doesn't care about anything other than KA CHING. Problem is you don't know that before hand. I'm not talking about some faceless person in China stamping out low quality production pieces day after day 7 days a week. Maybe this custom part maker is busy doing his regular 9 to 5. We are all busy. But the guy who actually makes you tube videos showcasing his great idea, the guy who takes time to create an account right within our own motor bike community and openly advertises and encourages us to buy his product. An American right here amongst us will take your money, deposit in his account and then you never hear a word about if payment is received or when part will ship. See this is all one sided This person should 1. put customer service top priority Especially if The word "SERVICE" Is is in the business title. 2.hire help to tend his mail orders or 3. Pack Up Shut Up and get ta he(( out of business. If your trust and money is given to a vendor who doesn't say thank you, doesnt say I'll have it to you next week or in 2 weeks actually doesn't communicate at all. It puts him in the same catagory as THIEF. Also known as electronic mail FRAUD. This is my ONLY regret.
I order stuff all the time straight out of UK, China, Hong Kong, Porto Rico and they almost all and always send me a confirmation message letting me know they got my order, when theyll ship it and for me to expect it between so and so dates.
If any of them drop the ball, Im done with them unless it was something out of their control.

Hope it all works out for you Allen
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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