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Question Tools. What is absolutely necessary?

Something similar came up in a post today, and it made me think...
What tools are absolutely necessary to build and maintain, the majority of kit-bikes? Your average off the shelf, 2 or 4 stroke production bicycle build. E-Bike folks, please make note that you are referring to E-Bikes for easier reference.
Everyone will have their preferences for certain tools, but I'm hoping we'll be able to boil it down to the most basic, poor mans' minimum requirement. Safety is, as always, the number one priority, but a very close second in this case is cost.
There is a huge amount of experience here (even the vice-grip nipple tightening type ) and your opinions would be greatly appreciated!


UPDATE: This thing has taken a slight turn. I'm now asking for links to tools that members have used, or own, that are for building and maintaining MABs. There's a bunch of new members now, and I'd like to get alot of tool specific info into one thread for all.

I thank you all for your help

It's cooler to not fall off your bike.

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