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Default Re: Secure mounting.

Originally Posted by DEVILSorchard View Post
Well I can't argue with experience. Thanks for clearing that up so I'm not leading people down a bad path. You are right in me thinking about a larger frame designed for the purpose not a re-purposed bicycle frame.
No harm no foul... This is just one of those things we've experimented on over and over again and everyone agrees the easiest way to rid the vibrations is to mount it as rigid as possible, There are a few really well built mounts with urethane isolators that are strong enough to do the job as well as get rid of the vibes, but it's nothing we can advise a new builder to do.

2door in here has a really nice one he made that works, but like I said... not something a motorized bicycle newb could do easily... Maybe he'll chime in and show the pic of his mount, it's really nice with a single urethane front isolator and I thnik he has the rear mount solid.
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