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Default Re: 66cc Motorized Bike: DIY Fender Extenders

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I'd love to Visit Alaska but not so sure I'd like to live there when it's dark for 6 months then 6 months of daylight... The furthest north I've visited was some family I got in North Dakota up close to the Canada border. I remember we were out in the street tossing the football playing catch and someone asked what time it was, I remember saying it must be around 8:30 or so beacuse the sun was just starting to go down when one of my second cousins had to correct me telling me it was 11:30... then proceeded to tell me that it don't really get dark until almost midnight up there in July. They also told me in the winter it was totally dark by 4:00 PM, but in the summer it stays daylight up to about 11:45 or so then the sun comes up in the morning around 4...
i want to go up there to Anchorage and visit the folks at Wild West Guns, my wife lived in Fairbanks so i know we'll have to go up there also, im not sure if I want to live there or not though, one good thing is there are no property taxes there so you actually own your land instead of renting it from government like we do in the lower 48 where we only own it as long as we're willing to pay taxes on it.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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