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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Yup... that's when the fun starts... after it's fully broken in and time to decide whether to ride it as is or start tuning on it to get it set up just the way you want whether that means screamin fast or nice quiet and comfortable...

I had a guy actually come by my shop today while I was doing an alignment for another customer so I came up out of the pit to see what the guy needed and he just asked me if he could take a closer look at my bike because he saw me riding it earlier in the morning and saw me pull into the shop etc... Come to find out the guy also has one but it's not working so he was asking me if I could fix his. I told him to just bring it by whenever and I can look at it and that I probably got enough spare parts in my stock room to fix just about any issues his bike may have. he also informed me that he has a lot of spare parts at his house like tanks and a few other parts so I think I'm gonna try and talk a deal for some of his spare parts in trade to get his bike up and running for him. From what he was telling me it sounds like he toasted his mag coil and I got a few spares at the shop already, but he was also saying something about he may have overheated it so I may have to give up my last stock piston to get his going, but I do need to order more goodies anyway.
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