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Default Re: Need easier way to start 49cc cag motor

Originally Posted by Chainreaction View Post
If it wasn't a one piece jug/head I would consider it.

Yeah these cags have serious compression for their size. I had a $500 Stihl chainsaw that pulled easier than these suckers.

@ Intrepid: A DeWalt 18V might be strong enough to turn it over but I doubt anything less would do it without gear reduction.
Yup... most the CAG engines have the one piece jug and head like most the chainsaw engines, there is a "high performance" kit that has the separate jug and head but they're also a bit pricy for what you get, and all they really are is a stock jug with the head milled off. Not too bad a deal if building a bike and getting a new engine set up this way but a bit too pricy to be practical to convert one...
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