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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
My point was to not have to repair a broken frame.
Mount the engine right and you will never have to.
If that involves a piece of seat post tube shoved down to the mount point so be it.
Just make sure the back motor mount is one with frame and go from there.
And a great idea it is KC, But most wont think to do it or think it unessesary untill its too late. I think its a good idea and I still haven't done it to my own bike. Seat post tubes DO break, but in over 10 years of building I've only seen one. Two if ya wanna count the bike that got hit by a car. I'm just sayin, It also makes for a pretty good solid repair if needed. I've seen a lot more front downtubes break, And I still dont have a good way to repair those. welding works but weakens the area AROUND the weld and sure to break again. I usually junk the frame and start over.
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