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Default Re: Need easier way to start 49cc cag motor

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I know a little about teh Cag engines and their high compression... I remember back when they were really popular the plastic starter pawl was that engine's weakest link so one would have to carry a few spares everywhere ya went until they began making an aluminum pawl that wasn't so fragile.

I'm just wondering if there's enough room on top of the head to drill and tap threads for a decompression valve like some mopeds used to use... Maybe try looking up decomp valves on treatland's site , ebay, or aliexpress to see if anyone makes a really small one that could fit on a CAG head.
If it wasn't a one piece jug/head I would consider it.

Yeah these cags have serious compression for their size. I had a $500 Stihl chainsaw that pulled easier than these suckers.

@ Intrepid: A DeWalt 18V might be strong enough to turn it over but I doubt anything less would do it without gear reduction.

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