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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
Nice mount.Well executed.... I like it allot. Sway bar bushing ?
One could expand on it by adding a second tab . It would be very like a gumball mount on some Harley's.
And to respond to you Map.
As you may have guess'd I'm an engineer. An automotive engineer ( retired ).
I have been designing and building everything from motorcycles to to boats , and just about everything in between. Excluding aircraft. For 35 years.
Owner : Resurrection Iron Works, We restore vintage vehicles . A great retirement...

When I was younger I raced both MX and GP cycles as well as sports cars.
I am well versed in 2 strokes 4 strokes big blocks, small blocks etc.
A motorized bike is kind of a no brain'r .... Please, take no offence!!!!! None intended.
I'm not looking to flame any one or get flamed. If I was i'd go to Pirate off road....
I'm also not looking to massage my ego... My wife does plenty of that.
But I have noticed a trend here.
Warnings from the masses to "not run fenders or to avoid certain bike frames " because of what are obvious stress failures caused by vibration.
The majority of these bikes , I have to assume ,( because it seems to be the preferred mounting method ) are solid mounted builds.
It's in my nature to solve problems not ignore them....
I live in Oregon . It rains here , allot , I like fenders.
And while I am not a huge fan of the " Panama Jack style bike " some here are.
I'm pretty sure you get the idea why I am making the argument that I am now, and don't need to repeat it yet again.
Consider it a good alternative to the poor guy who can't hold on to his handle bars and has tried everything else , save a new crank.... Not a bad idea, in this case.
This has been , and i'm sure will be a very interesting conversation.
i understand completely being I like to solve problems as well, but many of us give the blanket warning on mounting and fenders for the exact reason Tom described in his post, not many people who get into this hobby have a way to do some of it right so that its safe and reliable so we try t9 keep it simple, I even keep my builds simple so I can relate what I do better to the beginners here that can only do simple builds for lack of tools and experience.

I take a step back here and apoligize for coming at you a little strong in earlier post, we have dealt with so many people in the past on here that try to steer newbies in the wrong direction so some of us get a little up in the air after a few post that are contrary to what we try to advise for the reaso s already covered.

Thank you for your input and I know theres no doubt many of us here can learn from your personal experience in what you've done in life and hopefully some of the ideas you'll possibly share with us on here.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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