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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Glad you like the mount. The bushings are standard size and can be used in various suspension areas. These were spares for a parallel 4 link system used on the car in my avatar.

Fenders: Yes, you'll see advice against them but often you'll also see where we say, if you're going to run fenders make sure you address the mounting of them. Don't rely on factory attachments.

One reason it might seem like a blanket warning against fenders is because it is easy to see from the postings of many new members that they lack the mechanical or metal working skills necessary to fabricate a reliable fender attachment. We'd rather see them run without fenders as opposed to the potential for serious injury that can occure when a fender fails. (Ask me how I know.) We try to keep things as simple for beginners as possible for many reasons.

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