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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Nice mount.Well executed.... I like it allot. Sway bar bushing ?
One could expand on it by adding a second tab . It would be very like a gumball mount on some Harley's.
And to respond to you Map.
As you may have guess'd I'm an engineer. An automotive engineer ( retired ).
I have been designing and building everything from motorcycles to to boats , and just about everything in between. Excluding aircraft. For 35 years.
Owner : Resurrection Iron Works, We restore vintage vehicles . A great retirement...

When I was younger I raced both MX and GP cycles as well as sports cars.
I am well versed in 2 strokes 4 strokes big blocks, small blocks etc.
A motorized bike is kind of a no brain'r .... Please, take no offence!!!!! None intended.
I'm not looking to flame any one or get flamed. If I was i'd go to Pirate off road....
I'm also not looking to massage my ego... My wife does plenty of that.
But I have noticed a trend here.
Warnings from the masses to "not run fenders or to avoid certain bike frames " because of what are obvious stress failures caused by vibration.
The majority of these bikes , I have to assume ,( because it seems to be the preferred mounting method ) are solid mounted builds.
It's in my nature to solve problems not ignore them....
I live in Oregon . It rains here , allot , I like fenders.
And while I am not a huge fan of the " Panama Jack style bike " some here are.
I'm pretty sure you get the idea why I am making the argument that I am now, and don't need to repeat it yet again.
Consider it a good alternative to the poor guy who can't hold on to his handle bars and has tried everything else , save a new crank.... Not a bad idea, in this case.
This has been , and i'm sure will be a very interesting conversation.
Happy Trails......

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