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Default Re: Need easier way to start 49cc cag motor

Hi Chainreaction --

Originally Posted by Chainreaction View Post
I have cancer and doing chemo so I am kinda weak. I have managed to start my new bike a few times but most of the time I can't spin it fast enough. Damn thing has some serious compression for 49cc. I want to go riding!

So I have thought of maybe an ignition that is hotter and fires better when turned over slowly. But I think an electric start would be best, the only one I have seen mounts on the output shaft side between the motor and the clutch, these motors are wide enough as it is, I don't need even wider. One that goes where the pull start goes would be ideal. Or maybe use a cordless drill, hate to buy one and find it not strong enough though. Or some starter or motor off of something else that I could adapt to work.
I've been thinking about something like this myself, based on my experience with a 4-cycle Troy-Bilt trimmer with 'JumpStart' that I have learned to love. Recently they have offered an attachment for use with a power drill. Here is a link: at about $10.00.

You can get an 18v 3/8 cordless drill from Harbor Freight for about $20.00 with an easily found coupon, that I think might be able to do it.

If corded is OK, you could get a 1/2" HD drill from them for about $35.00 that I am pretty sure would do it. Otherwise get a Troy-Bily JumpStart see: for about $30.00. However, if the 18v 3/8 H-F drill would do it, you might find it handy for a bunch of other things. I've got 2 or three of them and have had good a experience.

If this strategy is worth a try, I think all you need to do is pull the recoil starter and have someone weld up a crankshaft nut with a JumpStart socket in it. Alternatively convert the JumpStart hex drive to standard 1/4" drive and build a 1/4" drive socket to fit the end of the engine crank.


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