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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
This is turning into an interesting conversation with some good points being addressed on both sides. No arguments, no hostilities, just good information for the new builder to see and read and digest.

I'm going to throw another idea out and I'm interested to see what Boxcar thinks about it.

The front engine mount pictured below is one I built for a Shwinnn Jaguar. The bike has two thousand miles on it and has never given me a moments problem.

You've all heard me preach about the evils of resilient mounts and this one, oddly enough, might by some defination fall into that catagory.

The main section is welded to the frame. It has a 3/4" pin, or boss that protrudes up through a urethane bushing, which in turn inserts into the engine mount saddle. The bushing has a durometer of 100, which is pretty darn firm. You can't dent it with a screwdriver blade. It's designed to be used in automotive suspension applications.

Resilient? Probably, by some standards. It's not metal but it's not rubber either. I cannot say with any degree of accuracy that it 'eliminates vibration' but it does isolate the engine from the frame with a material that probably has some absorbtion qualities.

The rear engine mount is pure kit style, saddle and clamp with the only change being I used Allen head capscrews as opposed to studs and nuts. Oh, and that shiny aluminum cap is just for looks. It serves no real purpose except to tighten things together, and look pretty.

Okay Box, what do you say?


Oh yeah no hati g are hostility from me either and I apologize if I came a ross that way.

Dang Tom I didnt know you had made that mounting on the old Jag bike, I have planned to make a similar type mount myself, Im not sure that type set up wouldn't for back of engines as well as the front if it was designed right and the right materials used.

nice looking mount.
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