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Talking Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
Voodo???? You mean the vibration from the motor magically disappears ?
Or: you have now turned the bike frame into a large tuning fork.
Where the vibration from sed motor is free to attack the frame at it's weakest point.
Say, fender stays or rear down tubes, rear welded on racks on some Huffy's and Schwinn's, ETC.......All prone to failure on gas bikes.
Oddly enough, you rarely if ever see those same type of failure on non gas bikes.
Aluminum is more prone to harmonic stress failures than steel.
But steel still falls prey to it.....

I agree with 2dore on the custom mounting method. As well as his point several posts beck concerning drilling the frame . BAD IDEA.
Exhaust clamps should also be avoided , ( IMHO ) as they are designed to crush the material they are applied to ( that is how they create a seal on exhaust tubing ) .Generally a bad idea on a bike frame.
IMHO , the best method to mount sed motor would be the method used by Hawk. Post and flange.
Not every one has the means to fab the mounts. I understand......
If one must clamp ( as I do on cruiser frames ) A good isolator that allows for a solid mount is best....
I know , I know , it goes against all that most of you seem to believe.
It's the engineer in me. Over engineering something is rarely a bad thing .
Under engineering leads to disaster.
I hope this clarifies my thinking and methods here.
As was stated earlier. Build the Damn thing however you like.
It is after all a reflection of you and your abilities. And is your machine.
Just try to be safe out there.....

Not to flame or come across in a bad way here at all, but I have to just kinda laugh when I see how you continue to disagree with all of us that have been building these bikes and working with them for several years as if you know more about all of this than any of the rest of us who have way more experience with them than you do.

We've proven over several years and thousands of miles of running these china girl engines what has worked out great for us and many or most like myself have never had one single frame failure of any kind even on high revving builds that can run for miles and miles at 40+ MPH.

Of course over engineer and build your however you want, but the repeated bashing of good solid proven advice and techniques that have been proven to work for many years of riding in some cases of our bikes is just getting a little old to be real honest with you, and by the way, the muffler clamps work great, yes they shouldn't be tightened to the point of crushing the frame, but many of us have used them for a long time just good and tight against the frame and use some loctite on the threads to prevent the nuts from backing off in time from vibrations.

Your honestly beating a dead horse here boxcar when you keep knocking the proven method of mounting these engine solid and secure to the bike frame with no other materials between the two.

Peace, map
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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