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Default Re: China Motors....

Originally Posted by MadMaxed View Post
interesting. Does a ram air have any effect on thesee motors.?
never done anything like that, I wouldn't recommend it either since these 2 smokers need the carb jetted for the particular oil/fuel mix you intend to run and that is also dertermined by the amount of air that the engine is capable of flowing through it, anything that corces extra air in the engine is gonna lean it more that faster you go and, I see zero benefit to do any of that stuff with one of these engines, none of the fastest bikes out running these engines have anything like that set up on them and Im talking about people who have these engines pushing a grown man on a bike at 60+mph in some cases.

Short answer is no, I dont think it would be effective and could cause a lean run condition that will kill one of these little engines in a short time.

there are many performan e mods that can be done to one of these engines, some of those things have been discussed on here many times, many of the techniques arent shared by the people who have the fastest builds, but a lot of good info can be found on the forum, but at the same time we have our share of snake oil on here also.... so be aware that some of the products pushed by some members are just bling bling so to speak and truly offer no performance gains.

best wishes on the build and as you'll see on here many times, starting off with and engi e that has fairly good balance factor is important to overall good performance, fortunately for all the new comers to this hobby it seems we are getting much better balanced engines nowadays than many we were getting in the past, so this will help a lot of people end up with a better performing engine.
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