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Default Re: China Motors....

Originally Posted by MadMaxed View Post
okay i cheaped out and bought a china motor. . What would you guys suggest i remove and replace with higher quality parts.... I already have bearing in mind as well as sparkplug, boot and wire. the carb has got to go. hate asphyxiating my motor. but after that im unsure of.... Thanks in advanced
Actually the NT carbs are one of the better parts that come in the kits, very durable, reliable, easy to tune and just plain work great on the China Girl 2 smokers.

Upgrade mounting hardware is good, Sick bike parts has a good kit, replace the spark plug and boot with a good NGK setup is a good idea, if your engine came with the acorn nuts to hold head and cylinder, I suggest getting some high grade standard nuts and chunk those acorn nuts, I have seen some that were OK but most will cause you grief, I also use a dab of blue loctite on all the fasteners including the head/cylinder studs.

Yes its a good idea to put a high quality upper wrist pin bearing in place of what could be a junk china bearing, some of them are better than others and hold up just fine but others dont and you have a trashed top end when they give way.

Get you some small solder and a small propane torch if you dont have one and get an inexpensive set of wire gauge drill bits, that is all that is required to get the carb tuned correctly, buying jets is a waiste of money on these engines since you don't know what you will get no matter what the number on the jet is and you may end up with a whole hand full of useless jets since you will only need one.

Here is a link to the best deal I've found on the wire gauge bits and pin vise to use with them.

Good place to get a high quality upper caged bearing.

Welcome to this great forum and I wish you the best on your build

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