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Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
I looked up the requirements and reg's through the Texas DMV.
This is a direct copy from the Texas DMV's web sight.

Basically if it shifts it's a motorcycle..... even below 50cc's Just like Oregon.
By that standard the China girl falls into gray law because it has a manual clutch. But no gears. At least in Oregon.
Yes you are correct, my main point was that where I live I think I could ride a motoped without being bothered by the law accept that they may pull me over just to check it out and ask questions before telling me they want one also.

Its mainly about looking like your obeying the road laws and riding safely around here, like I said peopel even ride mini bikes through town sometimes and no one says a thing as long as they aren't acting stupid.

True Story, saw it with my own eyes...

A few years ago there was this one fella that road a big riding mower everywhere he went in town, he treid to stay on the sidewalks most of the time, but had to get on the road in some places and ride the shoulder, well he got his mower impounded and got hauled to jail one day.... I drove by and seen the laws talking to him and wondered what he had done to get their attention, well it turned out he was drunk as a skunk and swerving his mower all over the sidewalk, they pulled over and seen that he was 9 sheets in the wind and arrested him for DWI and impounded his mower...LOL!!!

What has the world come to when you cant have a few to many and zig zag your riding mower down the sidewalk....LOL!!!

I guess they were afraid he might run out into traffic and get killed or cause a wreck.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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