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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Rudz View Post
Take one look at my bike, it would take a moron to even think of messing with it.

Plus I lock the front wheel up when I park it anywhere but work and home.

Work is under surveillance and armed security 24-7 so it's safer there than anywhere. I've left my bike there for days.

My sister in law was removing the headlight battery for me so the sun wouldn't bake it and security almost had her arrested because they knew it wasn't her bike. Lmfao.

Every cop in the city knows my bike.
Hey RUDZ, I wuz talkin more like when ya park it at 7-11 or Wallyworld. I've also got a little security, Alarms and CCTV on my shop, motion sensers,ect.
but all that dont help a bit when I'm in the store with my bike parked out in front of Wallyworld. The cops know my bike pretty well also, But if someone snags a wheel off my bike, The cops wont care enough to investigate. Not a real high priority crime. So like I sad, a thief is gonna hafta at least bring his tools. Do ya lock up the rear wheel too? I've got a cable thats long enough to go through both wheels and the frame. I didn't know you were locking up the front wheel. A lot of people dont.

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