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in Texas if it has pedals and has to be pedal assisted to take off its considered a bicycle and falls into a Grey area in our law that actually says it doesn't need to be licensed.

Now the motored does take off on its own so, after rethinking all of what I said earlier I would say the law could give you static about it if they wanted to, but in the area where I live and most of Texas for that matter, out laws tend to give room for people to to many things as lo g as they observe highway rules and ride safely and respecfully, in my area I see people actually riding mini bikes on the street and some even ride their riding mowers that have gearing changed and mower deck removed.

I have a friend who build the lawnmower pullers and drag racing mowers, we have those races around here and he has two mowers that will do almost 50mph in100yds and he drives these on the streets around here all the time, the laws here don't bother any of us so far knock on wood....

most small towns in Texas let people do a lot of things that aren't allowed in some other states and bigger cities, One of the many things I like about the state of Texas, we're not as burdened down with regulations as some states are, awe still have more than some of us like but we do have a lot of freedoms that allow us to pursue some this gas that aren't allowed in other parts of the country.

Im purdy sure I could ride a motored here and never have an issue with local laws long as I rode responsibly, but probably not in some of the bigger towns since the law in bigger cities doesn't seem to be as Conservative minded as small town Texas is.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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