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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

As I and others have said many many times here; you have to do what works FOR YOU!

The old rubber mounting issue has been with us from the beginning and will probably never go away. Those against it base their opinions on the experience they have had with trying it themselves or seeing the results of attempts to successfully rubber mount and engine.

Boxcar's method works for him and that is great. I will say that the thickness of his chosen material is key to his success. The thinner the resilient layer is the more likely you'll have success. The thicker, softer it is the more you're going to see negative results.

One point I want to touch on is Boxcar's description of the motorcycle mount. This style, as I said above, does not require a metal to metal attachment. The through bolt he mentions is free to move within the flex of the rubber bushings. Therefore it is in effect a 'sandwich' or metal, rubber, metal, rubber. It is not attached solid to the frame like the Chinese 2 stroke engine kit mounts dictate. There's a big difference.

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