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Not sure if inspected you'd get away with a 150cc moped in any state.
I could be wrong. And probably am. After all, I'm from Oregon.....
The base engine would require licensing and insurance here.
The same machine is called a crf50 big wheel clone. ( Less the peddles )
Was sold as a pit bike for many years on ebay. May still be for all I know.
If ya want to build your own version , that's where i'd start looking for a donor ride.

Many of us have motorcycles and some like myself and davezilla have more than one and we still enjoy the crap out of the motorized bicyles and dont mind putting some cash into them.
I agree 100% I am guilty as charged.

The Motopeds aren't made to be as powerful or as fast as a motorcycle so comparing them to motorcycles isnt an apples to apples comparison, we dont compare go-Karts to cars and trucks and we dont compare mini bikes to motorcycles and so we shouldn't compare a motoped to a motorcycle either.
Comparing a Motoped to a motorized bicycle isn't exactly apples to apples either. After all the only bicycle parts on the thing are the peddles. Every thing else is motorcycle. As is the Motoped.

Don't get me wrong here. I love the thing.
Other than the shifting method. ( awkward )
I just don't see them lasting long in the market. ( Kind of a gimmick machine )
I think they will do more harm to the motorized bicycle community than good.
Will garner to much attention from government types and result in more restrictive laws..... Just me.

A motoped here in Texas could be riden on the street with no license, nor registration, no inspection

You'd better re think that last statement...

In Texas, the operation of any street-legal moped or scooter requires a Class M motorcycle license. To obtain a Class M license, you will need, among other things, to take a motorcycle safety course that's approved by the Department of Public Safety (DPS). But there is other important information you need to know before applying for your license.

The Texas Certified Moped List
The TX DPS recently published a list of certified mopeds meeting the legal definition of a moped. Don't see your bike on the list of certified mopeds? Ask yourself these questions:

Can it exceed 30 MPH?
Does it require shifting gears?
Does it have a piston displacement of more than 50 ccs?
If you answered yes to any of the questions, your moped is classified as a motorcycle. This means you are not eligible for the “K” restriction, and you require a Class M motorcycle license.

OOOOOPs. Looks like Texas laws are almost the same as Oregon.
Happy Trails......

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