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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I got a few more thing done on the Green bike build, Got it started upp for the first time late this evening but i've got some bugs to works out, seems the float level in the carb is to high and I've got an air leak somewhere thats intermittent sorta, I have a couple of ideas what it may be but until I get into it tomorrow I wont know for sure.

Before the first start up, I had to get ignition all wired up nice and tidy, cleanest wiring and cable set up of any of my bikes so far.

I pulled the rear wheel off bike and installed a 41T sprocket, sized chain so that I dont need a idler/tensioner for the drive chain, and used a little bit of my huge supply of redneck engine-nudity to fab up a very functional spring loaded idler/tensioner for the pedal chain since I couldn't get both adjusted without a device to take up some slack.

I also installed chain tensioning adjusters on the rear dropouts that sure make it easier to get things adjusted and held in place while axle nuts are tightened.

I also removed rear wheel bearing and axle while it was off and doped up the bearings real good with a very tacky high pressure moly grease that wont wash out.

I took one of my stock exhaust and did a purdy good port match job on it and put it on the engine for now, it's so nice and quiet, I'm not used to that at all... not sure how its gonna run, but if this bike will hit 30's with the current set up I'll be happy, just hoping this engine works out.. got my fingers crossed since it was a used lower to begin with, the little bit it ran even though carb was flooding and the air leak started right straight, the balance seemed like it might be fairly good, kinda hard to tell for sure though since it didn't rev up to high.
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