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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Originally Posted by scribling View Post
Really? I think the first time I mounted it I had crazy vibration which is why I tried the rubber dampeners. It's been a while now so I can't really remember. I think it's just a piece of inner-tubing. I'll have to take a look. If so, I'll try it metal to metal and see if that makes any difference. I would love to get rid of this outrageous vibration.
All of the explanations offered regardijg vibrations can't take away the fact that some engines are inherently 'out of balance'. In other words they were not built as well as some others.

You've probably seen here the words, "they're a crap shoot'. That simply means that due to the quality control employed by the manufactures that some engines are simply better than others. Most builders who have experience with a lot of engines will tell you that "some are great, some are dogs".

It could be that you have an engine with a noticible 'out of balance' crankshaft and in that case there will be little you can do about it.
Nevertheless, try mounting it as solid as you can and tell us what your results are.

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