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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
Yea , you will.
I run a dampener ( not rubber ) system of sorts and all my bikes are as smooth as silk.
Try copper tubing spacers between the clamp and the head of the studs.
Eliminates the stress on the sheet metal the studs are welded to.....

Copper is not a resilient material.
I'm talking about rubber, silicone, foam, etc. All of those things people have tried to 'eliminate vibration'.

This has been posted here numerous times by me and others. You can not eliminate the vibrations produced by a single cylinder, 2 stroke engine. Trying to put rubber between the frame and engine only transfers the vibrations, and amplifies them, to the engine mounts and fasteners. Fastener failure is almost assured as well as in increase in the vibes felt in the bike and attached parts such as fuel tanks, fenders, handlebars, etc.

There is always the argument that motorcycles and cars use rubber mounts. That's like comparing apples to oranges. The mounting system is all together different. Simply sticking rubber between a Chines 2 stroke engine and the frame WILL NOT eliminate vibration.

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