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Default Re: hey guys, im new here,micargi falcon gts, 2 stroke 66cc, lookin for tips!

KC 20 ft lb = 240 inch lb. That sounds like a lot for a 8mm stud. Fred heads recommends
80 inch lb. I,m settled at 120 in lb. You have built many more than most people, so
if that works, I,m just asking. I have never been able to get a straight answer.

Now US standers for 5/16 fine thread are 14 ft LB for grade 5 bolt & 20 for grade 8 fine thread bolt.
Which is about right in what your saying.But my question are these china studs really grade 8? If you
know where I,m coming from. Just asking? If your never pop a stud at 20 ft lb I will tighten mine down
to 20 KV. I have just read this & that & if I was dealing with USA made stuff I would have never ask.


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