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Default Re: hey guys, im new here,micargi falcon gts, 2 stroke 66cc, lookin for tips!

Originally Posted by virtuoso View Post
Im new just built my first build micargi falcon gts 2 stroke 66cc flying horse...
Any tips for break in let me know...
Only 1 tank in just fill the second tank today...
I like to run a gallon of fuel with 25:1 mix (2/3 cup) non-synthetic 2-stroke oil to a gallon of good gas, then change to 32:1 (1/2 cup) synthetic oil to a gallon of gas from then on out.

Check your drive train after every ride.

Things like motor mounts, your rear sprocket, axle, and tensioner can tend to come loose.

A good start is to grab your engine head with one hand and your top bar with the other and try to move your engine back and forth.

I am not talking wussy push and pulls, try to make it move!
Your engine is a ****load stronger than you, if just your arms can move the engine AT ALL that is a fail.

Note your chain tensioner is not a chain guide.

Tweak the mount until it is aligned directly under the bottom chain and centered and rolling in line with the chain.

A good test for this is lock the clutch in and then roll your bike forward AND backwards, it's that rolling backwards that lets you see how the chain travels from the tensioner to the engine.

If you are hearing all kinds of clunking and clanking noises rolling backwards you are not alone, this is usually because the chainstay you mount the tensioner to is not perpendicular to the chain travel.

I just use a big cresent wrench to twist the long side of the mount below the wheel into the chain line.

Keep you chain lubed and ride safe bud ;-}
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