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Exclamation The micargi menace!

Originally Posted by virtuoso View Post
Im new just built my first build micargi falcon gts 2 stroke 66cc flying horse... Any tips for break in let me know... Only 1 tank in just fill the second tank today...
Welcome to the community, my standard greeting would normally include something about making your ride electric , but there are more pressing matters at hand here.
The bike I started with is a micargi cruiser, but I'm upgrading to a works man frame that I've got some zany plans for. Besides ascetics the reason I'm moving away from the micargi line is because I have heard that their frames are known to crack under stress. That being said the micargi frame I've got has 600+ miles at about 100 miles a month with no visible issues, just figured I'd jump ship before something went horribly a wry while I was trying to get somewhere.

if you can manage it post pictures of your build when you get the chance. People round these parts really like eye candy.
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