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Default Re: Making a custom bike engine

Mitch I,m sure you do know much about engines to even take on such
a project. I don't want to come across as a know it all by any means.

I have never quit learning, from others for that is how we acquire knowledge.
When I worked as a auto machinist I worked for one of the best engine builders
in the Midwest. Louis Boyd was his name, & he campaigned one of the fastest
Top fuel dragster of that day. He was truly my mentor .

The things I learned from him carried on even into my tool & die work. I was very
lucky to work & learn from that man. Even though it been year back many thing don't
change. Line boring, rod rebuilding crank grinding, balancing & so on.

I do not know what type of lower end bearing you plan on? If you are going to run
needle bearings, then what alloy rod & do you have a heat treat oven? Things as that.

Just stuff to consider

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