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Default Re: What is the quietest motorized kit

The cheesy mics on the cheap video cameras used for the most part make the sounds louder than they actually are I find from experience? At some point the testing you suggest will happen I suppose but in order to do so a higher grade mic will have to be used.

Riding around in Englewood, CO yesterday in 65d weather in a short sleeved shirt I once again noticed that my drive train noise was about as loud as the motor and that really isn't bad I feel. It is noticeable enough though to those on the sidewalk however but the sight of a bicycle cruising at legal speed down the street is more of a wonder to most that makes them stop and turn their heads. One little boy was on the edge of the street with his dad trying out his first two wheeler and as I rolled by he said "Hey, that's cheating!".

I have seen several scooters go by and I don't think my ride is any louder than they are for sure. And quite frankly a bit of noise is actually a good thing as it makes others aware of your presence, as long as it is not too obnoxious I suppose, but for sure it is less than a harley with straight pipes.

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