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Default Re: Gravity or siphon gas line

Studs, yes, that's what's breaking. Rivets is the wrong word.

I tried small amounts of insulation first, inner tubing, pipe insulation ... before going big time to half pool noodle. Some isn't petrol proof and would just disappear. Hey, where'd it go? Oh, here's a tiny bit of it ...

These tanks are literally paper thin. Ok, maybe 5-10 sheets of 20lb paper ... either way they're ridiculously thin. I have a hard time believing I'm the only one breaking them.

BTW, these animated icons below remind me of a joke. The first day in prison at dinner time an inmate stands up and says, "Six." Everyone laughs. Another inmates stands up and says, "Twenty four." Everyone laughs. The new guys says to the guy next to him, "What's so funny about numbers?" "Well, we've all been in here so long that we all know the same jokes. So, we gave them numbers. Now, instead of telling the joke we can just say the number." So, the new guy stands up and says, "Fourteen!" Nothing ... No one laughs. He whispers to the guy next to him, "What happened?"
"... Some people just don't know how to tell a joke ..."

The point is we've all seen these icons and we're probably not impressed with them ... so just give them a number ... 4
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