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I like i. I would like to build one.
But, I'm a cheapskate. I won't pay motorcycle prices for a moped.
I do not mean to insult this product, but I think there would be a much larger market if they had a kit with a cheaper pricepoint.
Im thinking $500 for a frame & swingarm combo.
Why? Because that's all I need from a manufacturer, the rest of the parts I can source myself, without a huge markup.

Fact is, if they dont make an economical kit available, somebody else will. A chinese manufacturer will copy it, sell them for $300 bucks a frame, and rake in the cash. And then people will complain that the chinese are again copying sombody elses design. So as I see it, they have to offer an option to cheapskates like me, or they risk letting somebody else eat their lunch.

Call me a dick, call me whatever, I am simply stating well known market forces that have to be considered.

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