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Default Re: Making a custom bike engine

We'll half a year has gone by since my last post, I have been working hard on the design over the last few days and solved a few design problems that I have been having since first starting the design process. The case will be made out of two halves that will be sand cast rather than fully machined from two solid blocks of billet. The crankshaft will be one solid piece as to alleviate the complexity of a crankshaft made out of multiple parts, connecting rods will be made like standard rods found in car engines.
I have contacted a company located out of Wisconsin, that does prototyping for engines, they will aid in my design and be able to cast and machine the castings for the prototype engine, I should be able to post a couple pictures of my current drawings tomorrow after sorting out some family issues. One major problem I have had in the design is trying to figure out how far off of the center line of the crankcase the cylinder should sit, but I think I have nailed that problem down.
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